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AJPME 2024, 2(1), 3; doi: 10.35995/ajpme2010003

Prevalence and schistosomiasis maintenance risk factors in the district of Bamako, Mali

1 Department of Epidemiology of Parasitic, Diseases, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako, P.O. Box: 1805 Point G, Bamao, Mali
2 Centre de Recherche pour la lutte contre les Maladies Infectieuses Tropicales (CReMIT/TIDRC), Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou, Benin
3 Programme National de Lutte contre les Schistosomoses et les Géohelminthiases, BP: 99, Bamako, Mali
4 Institut National De Recherche En Santé Publique, BP: 1771, Bamako, Mali
* Corresponding author: ; Tél: +223-76039524
Received: 2 Oct 2023 / Revised: 11 Jan 2024 / Accepted: 1 Feb 2024 / Published: 28 Feb 2024
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Introduction: Schistosomiasis is classically described as a rural parasitic infection affecting deprived communities. In Mali, where Schistosoma haematobium and S. mansoni are endemic, the disease is also spreading to urban areas. Our study aimed to describe the prevalence and schistosomiasis maintenance factors in the district of Bamako. Materials and methods: An observational cross-sectional study was carried out in April 2023 involving schoolchildren randomly selected aged 6 to 14 years from Taliko (a peri-urban area crossed by the Woyowayanko river known as an important breeding and infestation habitat of snails) and Missabougou (an area subjected to social and environmental changes, including the development of the canal serving the district). Data on sociodemographics, symptoms, and human–water contact activities were recorded through a structured questionnaire. Filtration and Kato–Katz techniques were used for S. haematobium and S. mansoni diagnosis. Overall, 736 urine samples and 668 stool samples were examined. Multivariate logistic analysis was employed to test for associations between variables. Results: The prevalence of S. haematobium was 18.2% [95% CI: 14.5–21.8%] and that of S. mansoni was 8.1% [95% CI: 4.2–11.9%]. This prevalence was significantly higher in Taliko than in Missabougou: 34.4% [95% CI: 29.1–39.6%] versus 2.4% [95% CI: 0–8.0%] (p = 0.001) for S. haematobium and 12.1% versus 4.3% for S. mansoni (p = 0.001). In Taliko, children frequenting the river were significantly more affected with S. haematobium and hematuria and had higher parasite intensity (p < 0.05). Children with macroscopic hematuria who attended a school close to the river (p = 0.018) in Taliko, as well as children who used to urinate in water, were more infected (p < 0.05). In Missabougou, no significant variation in human–water contact activities was recorded. Conclusion: Our results show that S. haematobium and S. mansoni were still rampant in the district of Bamako; they also highlight that the use of water from the Woyowayanko river appears to be the major risk factor for the maintenance of schistosomiasis in the district of Bamako.
Keywords: Schistosomiasis; prevalence; Woyowayanko river; environmental changes; Bamako; Mali
This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. (CC BY 4.0).
Agniwo, P.; Sidibé, B.; Koné, A.; Akplogan, A.; Guindo, H.; Dossa, O.; Coulibaly, O.; Dembélé, L.; Traoré, M.; Thera, M.; Djimdé, A.A.; Dabo, A.; Doumbo, S.N. Prevalence and schistosomiasis maintenance risk factors in the district of Bamako, Mali. ajpme 2024, 2, 3.
Agniwo P, Sidibé B, Koné A, Akplogan A, Guindo H, Dossa O, Coulibaly O, Dembélé L, Traoré M, Thera M, Djimdé AA, Dabo A, Doumbo SN. Prevalence and schistosomiasis maintenance risk factors in the district of Bamako, Mali. African Journal of Parasitology, Mycology and Entomology. 2024; 2(1):3.
Agniwo, Privat; Sidibé, Bakary; Koné, Abdoulaye; Akplogan, Ahristode; Guindo, Hassim; Dossa, Ornela; Coulibaly, Oumar; Dembélé, Laurent; Traoré, Mahamadou; Thera, Mahamadou; Djimdé, Abdoulaye A.; Dabo, Abdoulaye; Doumbo, Safiatou Niare. 2024. "Prevalence and schistosomiasis maintenance risk factors in the district of Bamako, Mali." ajpme 2, no. 1: 3.
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